REA at the Big Day In

The Big Day In is an event designed for both High School (Years 9-12) and University students interested in careers in technology. Over 6,000 young people will attend events around the country to hear about the ICT industry.

“We’re looking for passionate speakers who have something valuable to say to students who are contemplating a career within ICT. ” 

-John Ridge AM, Executive Director of the ACS Foundation

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DevOpsDays 2015 as a Graduate


This was my first DevOpsDays event, I had only recently started looking into the world of Ops. I was unsure how much I could get out of the two days, or what exactly I was getting into.

DevOpsDays is a rapidly growing, annual conference acutely focused on Developer Operations and Delivery Engineering. So what is DevOps? Nobody really knows yet, not even the engineers supposedly belonging to this group can concisely explain what it is. The scope of the word has grown unwieldy, despite its state of infancy. In fact, the crowd seem to hate the very use of the word. Everyone pauses and takes time to punctuate each mention of the phrase DevOps with a facetious “air-quotes” gesture.  Continue reading