About Andrew Midgley

I have worked at REA since 2006, primarily in the software testing space. I am currently working as the Software Testing Lead for the residential line of business. I try to spend time at all points in the deployment pipeline, looking for ways to improve overall quality and delivery agility. Over the years i've spent much time developing specialist testing skills, particularly in the L&P and automated testing areas. It's been a real pleasure seeing REA, and the wider IT community, progress towards more agile practices. Probably even more exciting has been the evolution of cloud technologies and how it's changing our world.

Using our everyday dev tools for effective Load and Performance testing

Previously at REA we’d had very special tools for Load and Performance testing that were quite expensive, very richly featured but completely disconnected from our every day development tools. The main outcome of this was that we ended up with a couple of engineers who were quite good at L & P testing with our enterprise tools while the majority of engineers found the barriers too great. We have moved to an approach which is far more inclusive and utilises many of the tools our engineers are working with on a daily basis. I’ll talk about how we did this for the most recent project I worked on.

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